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Ragdoll Kitten
Born 31st January 
Available mid April 2019

This litter consists of: 
1 x Blue Point female (Sold) 
2 x lynx point male (Sold)
1 x lynx point female (Sold) 
1 x seal point male (Sold)
1 x seal point female (Sold)

(please message me to ask for more details)

Minnie the Mother is a Seal Lynx Ragdoll and Geordie the father is a Bluepoint mitted Ragdoll. 
Both parents have been tested for PKD and HCM

Personality of these kittens should be Placid and Relaxed like their Father and have a sweet soft chatter when he/she Talks. 
These type of Cats are very loyal and lost lamb like that will follow you from room to room.
I call them "Cat-Dogs" because they do get up to strange things! they have very dog-like personalities! They tend to be A little more intelligent than your average Moggie.
I have had feedback from past purchasers of my kittens and they have told me many cheeky stories, of what they get up to.
eg, One kitten fetches a stick and has a good collection in his Bed!
Also another kitten sneaks soft toys from a neighbours daughter's Room and drags them home through her cat door! A collection of 7 toys were found throughout her home!
The Kitten will come with a Vaccination Booklet and also be treated for worms and fleas, the First Vaccination will be done. 
You will recieve a Kitten info Pack with your Kitten.
Your Kitten is also covered FREE  for 30 days from the take home date, with an Insurance valued up to $1500.00 (does not cover for diarrhea).
Desexing can be done for Males before you pick up at your cost,
but not females.
A Mutual agreement to De-Sex your kitten with proof of opperation is a definate to be done before 6 months of age.
Kitten does not come with papers and therefore can only be kept for Pet Purposes ie,
(Not for any Competiton / Showing).
Kittens Parents (Both Mother and Father) as Pictured 
Also a few pics from previous litter.

Ragdoll Kitten

  • Ragdolls are a gorgeous family cat. They love company and are great with children. They are very affectionate and have a loving temperament with a laid back nature, and stunning looks. Ragdolls do not finish developing their colours until they are around 2 years of age, although Obvious colours start forming early. Our Babies have been raised with lots of handling from Children.


    Ragdoll Kittens Available For new ownership March 14 th 2018

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