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Flower Stand up Shapes

Flower Stand up Shapes


These Flower Stand Up Shapes are made from Artificial Flowers and stand a good 80 cm tall! Nearly a metre in height! They are lightweight for easy transportation and can be couriered safely around New Zealand if needed.

Evermore Decor needs your Orders ASAP because each design is handcrafted and can take a little time to order specific flowers in.

Whether it be for your Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Baby, Shower, etc...

or any future Events coming up!

Most Shapes, letters, numbers, Colours, Sizes, Styles you may be after ....

It is most likely possible to sort this for you!

I will use My Artistic skills and make what you require. 


Approx price $150.00 each number some may be slightly more.
(depending on flowers used and the height of the shape)

Created by: Amber Zimmerman
Owner / Artist / Manager / Florist

Richmond Nelson NZ

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